The GLRC is co-directed by Professors Stephanie Ross and Mark Thomas.

Stephanie Ross is Associate Professor of Work and Labour Studies in the Department of Social Science. Her research and teaching focuses on democracy in working-class and social movement organizations, union renewal, public sector unionism, the global justice movement in North America, and the links between social justice organizing inside and outside of the workplace. She is the co-editor of two books (with L. Savage), Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada (2012, Fernwood), and Public Sector Unions in the Age of Austerity (2013, Fernwood). Her work has been published in journals including Labour/Le Travail, Studies in Political Economy, Labor Studies Journal, The Socialist Register, and Just Labour. Current areas of research include the strategic implications for unions of deindustrialization, and the forms and sources of anti-union sentiment in Canada. She is also president of the Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies.

Mark Thomas is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology. His research interests are in the areas of political economy and economic sociology, with a primary research focus on the regulation of labour standards at local, national, and transnational scales. He is the author of Regulating Flexibility: The Political Economy of Employment Standards (2009, McGill-Queens), co-editor (with N. Pupo) of Interrogating the New Economy: Restructuring Work in the 21st Century (2010, University of Toronto Press) and co-editor (with D. Brock and R. Raby) of Power and Everyday Practices (2012, Nelson), and has published in journals including Labor Studies Journal, Studies in Political Economy, Economic and Labour Relations Review, and Journal of Industrial Relations. Current areas of research include: the regulation of transnational labour standards; the enforcement of employment standards legislation in Canada; and the intersections between labour organizing and populist movements in Anglo-American contexts.