Labour and the Media

Thursday November 19, 2015 | 12:00PM- 2:00PM | S701 Ross Building


Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Toronto Star;

Nora Loreto, Canadian Association of Labour Media

David Bush, Rank&File

Join us for a panel discussion that will explore media reporting on labour
issues. In what ways does the media cover the dynamics of the workplace and the
labour market? What is and what should be the role of the media in reporting on
work? What impact can media reporting have on raising awareness about critical
issues in the workplace and in effecting progressive social change?labour and media image

Sara Mojtehedzadeh is the Toronto Star’s work and wealth reporter, covering
issues like precarious employment and the changing nature of work. David Bush
is an editor at, a Canadian labour news website, and an editor
at the magazine Canadian Dimension. Nora Loreto is the editor at the Canadian
Association of Labour Media (CALM) and a contributor to and other
progressive magazines.

Audio | Mojtehedzadeh

Audio | Loreto

Audio | Bush


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